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Teacher Leadership Micro-Credential

Current and future teacher leaders who enroll in this micro-credential will discover the fundamentals of classroom management, instruction, assessment for learning, and building professional relationships. With immediately applicable strategies as well as long-range planning, topics include responsive teaching, effective lesson design, promoting student achievement, improving communication, and enhancing professionalism.

Please note: Modules can also be taken individually.

Key Outcomes

  • Explore methods to support other teachers, facilitate professional learning communities, and oversee professional growth plans.
  • Investigate how to create learning activities that are aligned to instructional outcomes and appropriate for all students.
  • Evaluate how to encourage accountability for student achievement and support the value of learning.
  • Explore methods for engaging students in meaningful work, facilitating student choice, and encouraging effective communication.
  • Micro-Credential Details:
  • 9 Modules
  • 62 Total Hours
  • $1240 Total

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